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At Sonesta + RLH Corporation, we take a different approach. We create value through outstanding experiences for both guests and owners. Here's how we deliver on that promise.

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A smarter approach to Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)

While other hotel companies invest in fighting OTAs, we work with OTAs to make customers’ lives easier. We offer them the ability to enroll in our Hello Rewards program to receive member pricing, while showing you how to maximize revenue through our OTA strategy and supporting you with services like Auto Save that helps decrease cost of OTA sales.

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Dynamic digital ad buying

We put data to work in real time by investing your marketing dollars to target valuable consumers via the channels that are successfully converting, including social media, email, mobile alerts, and search engine marketing.

Brand marketing

Brand marketing ensures we always deliver consistent messages, whether local, regional, or national in scope. We offer targeted regional advertising, field marketing services, digital marketing and e-commerce, in-house media buying, creative design, public relations and social media strategies to deliver more revenue to our hotels.

Sales & Marketing
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Field Marketing

We put the best marketing experts in the industry to work for you, developing and managing content that helps promote your hotel, from print media to video.

Global Sales

Our Global Sales team is at the forefront of delivering guests to your hotels by managing key relationships in the business-to-business, transient, leisure and specialty markets.


RevPak is a handpicked suite of the industry’s finest customer acquisition, guest management, and business intelligence tools. Configured to each RLH Corp. brand, RevPak is the ultimate system for increasing RevPAR, growing market share and boosting revenue.

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Engage Customers
Engage Customers

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Innovative website

Our recently updated redlion.com features a cutting-edge modern hotel reservation process so guests can book in as little as three clicks. We prioritized what we know drives loyalty and increased spend from today’s consumers:

  • Faster access to information
  • Personalized content
  • Ability to upsell

We’ve shifted away from text-heavy pages in favor of a more visual design based on photography, making it easier for consumers to follow on mobile devices. The new features make it simpler for guests to make hotel reservations anywhere and at any time in their travel planning.


One of our main goals is to make it easier for guests to make a booking at your hotel. Our reservations network continues to grow as we integrate with popular travel websites and portals internationally, giving travel agents and consumers real-time access to hotels through all major distribution systems.

Revenue management

Striking the perfect balance between pricing and profitability, our revenue management strategies use calibrated forecasting tools, form cost management to resource improvements, to give your hotel the boost needed to keep working at its best.

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Operations and support

RLH Corporation is pleased to appoint brand support who helps you make the best choices for your business, from issues that affect your day-to-day operations to broader planning of your strategic goals. Your brand support team will work with you and your staff to ensure your property maintains a competitive position within your market, guiding you on strategies to optimize your revenue—generating opportunities and working with you to help you take advantage of our comprehensive set of resources.

Signature moments

From live programming to free bike rentals to vintage record players, Signature Moments are features unique to each brand designed to delight guests and create differentiation from other hotels. These can be tailored to your property to ensure a strong brand presence that fits your specific needs.

Deliver a Quality Experience
Deliver a Quality Experience

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Bring Customers Back

Hello Rewards

Hello Rewards is a guest recognition program that offers guests the best rates and rewards with every stay. Unlike other loyalty programs, status and tiers are not the motivating factors. The promise of useful rewards with every stay and a no-nonsense, easy-to-understand structure drive loyalty direct bookings.

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Bring Customers Back

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