You Build it. We’ll Bring Them

You Build it. We’ll Bring Them

Our hotel sales and marketing strategies provide direction and development for our franchisees. The primary goal of our strategies is to create demand, increase conversion, and optimize revenue delivered to your hotel. These proprietary services and global resources offer unparalleled value and flexibility, delivery more reservations to your hotel at a significant rate premium over hotel-direct business.

Brand Marketing

The Brand Marketing Team’s goals are to raise consumer awareness of each brand to differentiate Sonesta + RLHC hotels from our competition and to grow revenue for your hotel. Brand marketing propels performance through many areas, so that we always deliver consistent messages, whether local, regional, or national in scope. We offer targeted regional advertising, field marketing services, digital marketing and e-commerce, in-house media buying, creative design, public relations and social media strategies.


One of our main goals is to make it easier for guests to book at your hotel. Our reservations network continues to grow as we integrate with popular travel websites and portals internationally giving travel agents and intermediaries real-time access to hotels through all major distribution systems.

Revenue Management

Striking the perfect balance between pricing and profitability, our revenue management strategies use calibrated forecasting tools, from cost management to resource improvements, giving your property the boost needed to keep working at its best.

Global Sales

Our Global Sales team is at the forefront of delivering guests to your hotels by managing key relationships in the business-to-business, transient, leisure and specialty markets.